Balchem suspends sales of AminoShure-L, 52% Lysine

30-05-2012 | |

Balchem Corporation has decided to suspend sales of its AminoShure-L, 52% lysine because of bioavailability doubts.

“Although there are no safety concerns relating to the product, recent research indicates that the lysine bioavailability of the product is lower than originally projected and does not meet our internal expectations,” the company said in a statement.

“Even though dairy nutritionists and producers have reported positive results when using the product, we are taking this action to conduct additional research and aggressively pursue product improvements.”

Balchem said it will reintroduce the product when it meets their performance standards, which may affect the timing of the company’s recently announced Covington, Virginia expansion.

The Company’s first quarter 2012 sales of AminoShure were approximately $2.1 million.

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