Biomin wins AllAboutFeed/FIAAP Animal Nutrition Award

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Biomin wins AllAboutFeed/FIAAP Animal Nutrition Award

FUMzyme, a purified enzyme from Biomin to detoxify mycotoxins in animals has won the AllAboutFeed/FIAAP Animal Nutrition Award. The runner up was Kemin with its multi-enzyme product.

The prizes were presented by the AllAboutFeed team on the first day of VICTAM Asia, held in Bangkok 8-10 April.

FUMzyme, developed by Biomin is the first purified enzyme used to detoxify mycotoxins in animals and was successfully introduced to the Asian market in March 2013.  In Europe and the US the registration as mycotoxin deactivation product is in progress.

Kemzyme MAP (Kemin): This stabilised multi-enzyme product improves the digestibility of raw materials with special target to protein and starch. It is based on a patented multi-amylase and multi-protease enzyme system combined with NSP enzymes and can save up to USD 6-8 per ton of feed.

The entries were judged by two independent jurors:

  • Mario Sergio Cutait, Chairman of the International Feed Industry Federation, founder and President of Feedlatina, the Latin American Feed Industry Association and former President of Sindirações, the Brazilian Feed Industry Association.
  • Aalt Dijkhuizen, managing director with animal feed company Nutreco from 1998-2002 and Chairman of the Board of Wageningen University and Research Centre from 2002 till 2014. As of 1 January 2014 Dijkhuizen is part of the Supervisory Board of De Heus Animal Nutrition.

In general the judges were not extremely enthusiastic about the level of innovation, but they also know that innovation in nutrition is not easy. The reason that Biomin has been chosen as the winner is – according to the jury- mycotoxins are an immense problem within the feed industry and will become an even bigger problem in the near future. Products that target these toxins in an innovative way are very much needed in the feed industry. The enzyme product from Biomin works on a very important type of mycotoxins: the fumonisins and is a novel way of targeting the mycotoxins.

Other entries that participated this year were: Nukamix Extra (Nukamel), CONPRO 300 (Jiansu CONCO Food),  SYNLAC II (Synbio Tech), BioAmp Probiotic (NCH) and Anta®Ox FlavoSyn (Dr. Eckel) .

Read more about the nominees here.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor