Biosprint gets EU authorization for sows

12-10-2009 | |
Biosprint gets EU authorization for sows

The live yeast product Biosprint has been approved by the European Commission to use in sow diets.

Biosprint is produced by Prosol spa Italy, who is the sole owner of the strain as reported in the Regulation of approval. Orffa is the distributor of the product in Germany, France and the Netherlands.

According to the trials, the product increases the farrowing weight of the piglets. This was shown in 3 trials, in which sows were followed for 2 cycles.All trials showed an increased of 800 grams in the farrowed piglets at day 28. The number of piglets was also (in numbers) significantly higher. Mortality rate was in all trials lower in the supplemented group compared to the trial group.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor
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