Conference: Developments & opportunities in animal nutrition

31-10-2011 | |

A two-day conference takes place in Brussels, Belgium, focusing on the whole chain for animal nutrition rather than individual livestock animal sectors.

With rising competition in all agricultural markets around Europe, the amount of material left for animal feed is decreasing, along with the quality.
But where medicated feed additives had filled this void before, rising sanctions from the EU regarding the allowance of these substances into the food chain means new opportunities have arisen in animal nutrition.
On November 23 and 24 delegates can listen to and discuss with key people from European retail, legislation and agriculture organisations on how to capitalise on the increasing demand for improved animal nutrition through product innovation within changing EU regulations.
Developments & Opportunities in Animal Nutrition is a unique two-day event investigating where the EU currently stand on certain legislations affecting this industry and how opportunity can be found within this.
The audience to this event consists of retailers, meat producers and processors, feed manufactures, compound feed manufacturers, feed ingredients producers, feed additive producers, farmers and more – all passionate about the development of animal nutrition within the EU framework and adding value to the meat produced within it.
To view the program and register download the conference brochure or go the conference website.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed

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