Dairy rations should be based on amino acids

27-10-2009 | |
Dairy rations should be based on amino acids

In collaboration with Dr. Rulquin from INRA, Kemin has worked on the improvement of the efficiency of protein utilization. The conclusion of this first study is that dairy cow requirements depend on the amino acid profile of the diet. Therefore in order to accurately determine the cow’s real needs, dairy formulation should be based on amino acid requirements.

Frequently a good source of rumen-protected methionine is added to diets because methionine is the main limiting amino acid in dairy production. Any rumen-protected product should be evaluated by their bio-availability and impact on animal performance. Smartamine and MetaSmart are the only two sources of Met specially registered for dairy cattle.

With current milk prices, pressure is on to reduce feed costs. Reduction of ration protein content, with balanced amino acids (digestible methionine >33% of digestible lysine) is the best way to reach this target, without affecting performances.

The efficiency of dietary protein utilization (both crude and metabolizable) increases when essential amino acids are better balanced. As a result the same performance can be achieved, with less protein in the ration.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor

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