DSM Nutritional Products launches CRINA® website

09-02-2009 | |

DSM Nutritional Products has launched a new website which provides a comprehensive overview of its innovative CRINA® portfolio of flavorings / digestive stimulants for livestock production.

The new website provides an introduction to CRINA® and to DSM itself, and showcases DSM’s full range of Eubiotic products.

Eubiotics offer a new approach to supporting gut health in ruminants, poultry and pigs. The current trend toward the replacement of in-feed antibiotic growth promoters has encouraged researchers to develop the potential of alternative feed additives such as organic acids, essential oils and probiotics. DSM Nutritional Products refers to these alternative additives as Eubiotics. The term comes from the Greek Eubiosis, which refers to a healthy balance of micro-flora in the gastrointestinal tract.

CRINA® is available in a variety of forms for specific livestock categories: CRINA® Ruminants, CRINA® Poultry, CRINA® Piglet, and CRINA® Finishing Pigs and Sows. In addition to the CRINA® product range, DSM Nutritional Products’ Eubiotics portfolio includes VevoVitall® (an ultra-pure grade of benzoic acid which promotes health in pigs by modulating the intestinal gut flora) and CYLACTIN® (a probiotic which acts as a stabilizer of gut micro-flora and limits the growth of pathogens, and is especially suitable for young calves, piglets and broilers).

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