Dutch feed sector extra alert on melamine

23-09-2008 | |

After the Chinese Government announced to carry out extra checks for the presence of melamine in animal feed, the Dutch Product Board for Animal Feed (PDV) also took extra measures to prevent melamine entering the The Netherlands.

PDV will do extra checks on melamine among the GMP+ feed companies in the
Netherlands. It will also check dairy products which are intended for animal

The extra checks for melamine in animal feed came after melamine
was found in baby milk powder in China. As of yet, over 50.000 children in Chine
have been affected by melamine and many children are in a serious health

The reason why it was mixed with milk and milk powders is
that it enables you to “stretch” the milk with water. The addition of melamine
would then indicate falsely high nitrogen content, which generally is a quality
criterion for milk.

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