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Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

3D models to measure body condition in cows, robots and data in the poultry chain, tools to increase yields in arable farming and smarter ways to raise pigs. You can hear all about it in our Proagrica Future Farming theatre.

The theatre is organised during the upcoming VIV Europe and Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA), in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In this theatre, 4 seminars will be organised (pigs, poultry, dairy and arable farming) by Proagrica, the publisher of All About Feed, Pig Progress, Poultry World, Dairy Global and Future Farming. Entrance to all the seminars is free, but we advise to pre-register so we can reserve a seat for you.

Smart arable farming

The Seminar Future Arable takes place on Wednesday 20 June between 13.00h – 14.30h. Speakers include: Jan Brouwer from Microsoft, Corné Kempenaar from Wageningen University & Research and Jürgen Decloedt, Business Developer VITO Remote Sensing.

Smart pig farming

The Seminar Future Pigs takes place on Wednesday 21 June, between 12.30h – 14.30h. Speakers include: Daniel Ramirez from Nutriad, Jonas Riess from Henke-Sass, Angela van der Sanden, Connecting Agri and Food and Steven Mitchell from Greengage.

Smart dairy farming

The Seminar Future Dairy takes place on Wednesday 21 June, between 10.30h – 12.00h. Speakers include: Tomas Norton from KU Leuven, Ir. Xiangyu Song from Lely Innovation and Pieter Hogewerf from Wageningen Livestock Research.

Smart poultry farming

The Seminar Future Poultry takes place on Wednesday 21 June, between 15.00h – 17.00h. Speaker include: Olga Averkieva from Nutriad, Lenny van Erp from HAS Den Bosch, Steven Mitchell from Greengage and David Speller from Applied Group.

In 2017, the 1st edition of the GFIA Europe took place, see a video feature of it here. At that event, Proagrica also held its successful 1st edition of its Future Farming theatre.

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