Effective protection against milk fever and ketosis

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Mipro Pren 400 from Sano is an optimal synchronisation feed additive for the milk-out phase / Best preconditions for high milk performance and healthy animals

Off to the training camp for the cow. The milk-out phase is of extraordinary importance for every dairy farmer. According to Dr. Jörg Bekkering, Sano specialist for bovine nutrition: “This is when the farmer has to prepare his cows optimally for lactation. The udders, rumen and metabolism must be effectively trained. If he has the correct nutritional plan, he can prevent nutritional diseases, such as milk fever and ketosis, and keep his animals in good condition. The rule is that each component should be fed every day. This means that the cows have to be given each component of the lactation mixture even during the dry-out phase.”
Mipro Pren 400 from Sano is an effective feed from Sano for this phase, with a unique composition, which optimally prepares the rumens of the animals for the changes in nutrient requirements. According to Bekkering: “Feeding Mipro Pren 400 increases growth of rumen bacteria and helps the retention of the rumen villi. Synchronisation effects lead to optimal digestion of basic feed and concentrates, This creates the basis for optimal milk performance, superb animal health and better overall cost-effectiveness.” The concentrate guarantees precisely optimised supplies of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. 400 g product per cow per day are given.
Effectively prevent diseases
With Mipro Pren 400, feeding milk-out cows is really simple. The ration consists of all components of basic feed and concentrates in the lactating cow, but at lower levels, together with a corresponding quantity of straw. The added straw must be highly hygienic and may not be longer than the width of a cow’s mouth. Otherwise, the cows do not swallow the straw. With only 400 g Mipro Pren 400, the TMR is enhanced with the missing nutrients and active substances.  
Rapid sugar energy then improves the growth of the desired rumen microorganisms. Simple and natural nitrogen compounds optimally prepare the rumen for the start of lactation. Life yeast enhances rumen function and increase feed uptake after calving. For the prophylaxis of milk fever, Mipro Pren 400 contains acidifying sulfur as potassium antagonist. The sulfur counteracts the high levels of potassium in grass silage fertilised with cow manure and hay and effectively prevents milk fever. Mipro Pren 400 also provides the milk-out cows and the unborn calves with adequate levels of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. The active substance complex Kerasan enhances hoof health and the active substance complex Mastitisan supports udder health. The Sano polyphenol complex supports the activity of vitamin E.
Mipro Pren 400 contains the following components:
Potassium antagonists as effective milk fever prophylaxis
Live yeast stimulates the rumen, improving feed uptake and utilisation.
Simple, natural nitrogen compounds for optimal preparation of the rumen for the start of lactation
Rapid sugar energy improves the growth of the desired rumen microorganisms.
Mastitisan® for a high-performance udder
Kerasan® for strong hooves
Sano polyphenol complex as vitamin E protection
High value mineral, trace element and vitamin components ensure healthy and high performance cows.
Sano – Healthy and profitable animal nutrition – EuroTier 2010 – Hall 15/Stand 15-A12

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