Environmental benefits of Paylean tested

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Researchers at the Prairie Swine Centre in Canada will examine the environmental benefits of using Ractopamine used to improve the growth performance of grower and finisher pigs.

Ractopamine, developed by Elanco Animal Health and marketed under the trade
name Paylean, is a
dietary supplement which promotes lean meat production while inhibiting fat
production in pigs. Prairie Swine Centre Research Assistant Dr Denise Beaulieu
told those attending the 2007 Focus
on the Future Conference
last week in Saskatoon.

Dr. Beaulieu says
by using an ingredient like Ractopamine, because it improves the efficiency of
pork production, we are decreasing the nutrients in the manure so decreasing
nitrogen and phosphorus output and perhaps also decreasing the amounts of
carbon dioxide and ammonia, which are greenhouse

Efficiency and utilization
Two experiments
will be carried out. The first experiment will look at feed intake, the
nutrients in the feed and the nutrients retained in the animal to know the
efficiency of utilization of those nutrients. Another experiment will be looking
at feed intake versus the nutrients that are lost in either the manure or the
urine to determine the outputs and inputs and again the efficiency of
utilization of those nutrients.

The project is scheduled to get underway
within the next month or so and is expected to take about eight months to

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