EU: New rules for animal feed labelling

06-03-2008 | |

The European Commission recently proposed simpler rules for the marketing of animal feed and pet food.

This proposal simplifies the existing procedures for labelling and
marketing animal feed and pet food, while making the overall system more
efficient while maintaining the same level of protection of animal health,
animal welfare and public health, the commission stated.
The new rules will also be aimed at improving the competitiveness of the EU
livestock sector, which contributes to almost half of all EU agricultural
output. Together the feed and pet food industry represents a turnover of approx.
€50 bln in the EU.
Reduce “red tape” for feed operators
The proposal aims to greatly reduce “red tape” for feed operators by
removing unnecessary administrative burdens and technical requirements, which
are no longer necessary since an integrated food safety approach has now been
implemented from farm to fork.
Pre-market authorisations are to be made proportionate to risks and no
longer based on predefined feed groups, such as products acting as proteins
General provisions
The draft Regulation sets out certain general provisions for the labelling
of all feed, such as the need to indicate the type of feed, the name and address
of the operator, the list of feed additives and the net weight.
Additionally, specific mandatory labelling requirements are laid down for
feed materials, compound feed, including pet food, and “dietetic” feed.

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