EU pig producers to gain more value from wheat-based diets

28-06-2011 | |

The EU Commission has granted Danisco Animal Nutrition authorisation for the use of its heat stable xylanase (Danisco Xylanase) in wheat-based feed for piglets and pigs for fattening.

Danisco Xylanase is inherently heat stable for added confidence in use, maintaining efficacy after exposure to feed conditioning and pelleting temperatures of up to 90°C. In multiple trials Danisco Xylanase was proven to significantly improve both bodyweight gain and feed conversion ratio in piglets and growing-finishing pigs.
For ease of addition into vitamin and mineral premixes, Danisco Xylanase is available in a concentrated form; and for accurate inclusion directly into feed, a more dilute version of Danisco Xylanase is available.
Danisco Xylanase, with registration number 4a11, has an approved piglet and fattening pig minimum dose of 2000U (50g per tonne of feed of the concentrated form) and is available in both liquid and dry product forms.

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