EuroTier 2012 Special: The Animal feed-gallery

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EuroTier 2012 Special: The Animal feed-gallery

EuroTier 2012 in Hanover from 13-16 November this year attracts 2,100 exhibitors from 50 countries. And with 30% more exhibition space the exhibition is larger and more international than ever. There are many activities going on and the event is a showcase for innovations and international technical programmes. For the fi rst time a Feed Gallery will attract people to use their senses to experience the origins of compound feeds.

By Dick Ziggers

EuroTier is the most international and comprehensive information forum for  animal production professionals. All the leading suppliers of machinery and equipment for animal production, farm inputs and animal breeding will be presenting a full programme covering all aspects of modern livestock and poultry farming. So far 2,100 exhibitors from 50 countries have already booked stands. According to fi gures, the international contingent will boast more than 1,000 exhibitors in Hanover, a 25% increase on the last show . This means that nearly half of the exhibitors come from outside Germany. Visitors should wear their hiking shoes, since with 250,000 m2 of exhibition space EuroTier will be larger than ever, growing by more than 30% since the last edition.

The Netherlands again lead the field with 176 companies. Strong exhibitor participation is also already evident from France (134), Italy (84), China (75), Denmark (69), Spain (63), United Kingdom (55), Austria (52), Belgium (51) and the USA (36). “This booking level is well above the fi gures at a comparable time for the last event two years ago. EuroTier is thus growing into a new dimension”, says EuroTier Project Manager Dr. Karl Schlösser. He sees in particular the exceptionally high interest shown by exhibitors from outside Germany with an increase of 25% by comparison with 2010, to be a clear signal for the continuing rise in signifi cance of the exhibition as the turntable for international markets.

Feed gallery
EuroTier from its origin has been an exhibition for the pigs, poultry and dairy cattle industry. However, these animal all need to be fed. That is the reason why more attention is being paid to nutrition of livestock. To supply the European milk, meat and egg production large quantities of high quality feed is needed. Their availability, quality and price signifi cantly infl uence the effi ciency of livestock production, the health of the animals and the quality of animal products. In addition, nutrient conversions of feeds to animal products have signifi cant environmental effects (resource use, emissions).

For the first time at EuroTier visitors will be able to see and touch the enormous diversity and broad base of raw materials for livestock feeds. In the ‘feed gallery’ the most important ingredients will be presented out of more than 600 that are mentioned in the EU feed law and listed on the German positive list of feed materials. The samples will contain information on their origin and quality. Furthermore – assigned to various feed groups – selected themes on feed supply, quality and quality assurance and environmental impact will be discussed. In another area there will be a demonstration how raw materials for animal feeds can be treated by temperature and pressure to make the nutrients better available to the animal. There will also be a demonstration on how, from the very broad base of feed ingredients with help of data, nutritional information and processing technologies a nutritional and optimal complete feed or single feed ingredient can be produced. With visiting the Feed Gallery visitors will be able to get to know more of new and unusual feedstuffs and fi nd to answer their questions about the quality and appropriateness of certain feeds.

Global innovations showcase EuroTier is the global innovations showcase for machinery, equipment and installations, and farm inputs for professional animal husbandry. For many years now companies have been gearing their innovation cycles to EuroTier in Hanover, where they launch their new products for the international markets. On the basis of strict criteria, a neutral and international commission of experts appointed by DLG will once again select “EuroTier innovations” from among the submissions by the exhibitors and award Gold and Silver Medals. Aquaculture is an integral part of the exhibition. Leading companies in the industry, including providers of modern fi sh farm technology, installations and equipment for keeping, ventilating and feeding, nets and innovative processing, improvement and water conditioning systems have already booked stands. They will be presenting their latest developments in Hanover. DLG will again set up an Aquaculture Forum and Advisory Centre to cater to the strong demand for information in this special sector. Lectures with a practical content, discussions and comprehensive advisory services will round off the offerings of the exhibitors. Rather new is a section dedicated to professional horse keeping. The German Equestrian Federation (FN) will supplement the programme offered by the exhibitors with a symposium entitled “Cost-effi cient horse husbandry – a challenge” on Wednesday, 14 November 2012. Daily expert discussion panels on topical issues of specifi c interest to professional stable operators will complement the programme.

Together with partners from the fields of business, academia, consultancy, trade associations and organisations, DLG is presenting an extensive technical programme again this year too to supplement the offerings of the exhibitors. It includes international conferences and events on current trends and key developments in the industry. For example the EuroTier Pig- Event, the EuroTier Dairy-Event and the International Poultry-Event being held in the Convention Center (CC) on 12 November 2012, the eve of the exhibition opening, will be meeting places for top international farmers. A few other interesting events for the poultry sector will also take place on this day, for instance an international panel discussion on poultry markets in China, Russia and the EU, and a conference on permit procedures for poultry farms. On 14 November the traditional Eastern European Conference will examine the prospects and challenges of animal production in the CIS countries.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed
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