EuroTier company product preview

29-10-2010 | |
EuroTier company product preview

Although EuroTier is mainly an exhibition for livestock farming there is still enough interesting information to be found for people from the feed industry.

Our correspondent Stuart Lumb visited the pre-show information company presentations and came back with a few interesting items.
Amandus Kahl was started in 1875 and is based in Reinbek near Hamburg where it employs 600 people. The company has submitted its new pelleting system in this year’s EuroTier New Products list.
The new technique is based on a dry expansion process in their annular gap expander, not an extruded one. The machine works at around 120°C and a rotating knife cuts the pellets. Pellet size is 3mm-10mm and up to 15% fat can be added after pelleting. “The big advantage of our new machine is that it produces a lower density pellet,” commented a company spokesman.
New is that with this machine a targeted a targeted formation and aggregation of feed mixtures and individual components to the production of pellet structure is possible. In case by case situations it can be decided to skip the pellet press.
A big advantage is that by using the expander particle size of the mix remains in-tact. With normal pelleting the rolls in the pellet mill function as a roll in a roller mill and further grind feed particles. In an expander this is avoided.
Expander-created pellets also have a structure which allows them to better uptake fats after the pelleting process.
Bruker Optics are exhibiting at EuroTier after a break of 8 years. Their Fourier Transform Near Infrared ( FT-NIR) spectroscopy offers a fast and cost effective means for the non destructive analysis of individual raw materials, and feed and forage samples.
Samples can be analysed in a matter of 15-30 seconds – for example a truck load of grain can be analysed and accepted or rejected whilst the truck waits on the weighbridge.
Samples require no preparation and significantly liquids can also be analysed with the same spectrometer, whereby the liquid is simply poured into a disposable vial. Another big benefit is that non skilled workers can easily use the equipment.
Feeds, ingredients, wet and dry forages can all be analysed for moisture, oil, protein, fibre, ash, starch, total sugar, amino acids, along with NDF, ADF and NCGD.  Cost of the equipment is around €50,000.
Drinking water supplement
Lohmann Animal Health’s new motto is “Prevention first”, which ties in nicely with the well known saying “Prevention is better than cure”.
LAH will use EuroTier to launch its new drinking water supplement AviPro Granule Anilyte. This supplement contains essential electrolytes which rectify the problems caused by heat stress- related hyper ventilation. The high solubility and granular form make this supplement fast and easy to use.
Piglet and calf feeds
Sano Modern Animal Health Nutrition based in Loiching, Germany is one of the leading European manufacturers of mineral feed and milk substitutes for piglets and calves.
Sano will launch several new products at Hannover:
  • Antilaxan is Sano’s new product for treatment of diarrhoea and digestive upsets in calves;
  • Mipro M 500 is added to the diet of high yielding dairy cows – cows giving over 30kg – whilst;
  • Mipro Pren 400 is given to cows in the dying-off period.
Sano’s slogan is “Sano in every shed –everywhere” and the company is expanding staff numbers who will be trained at the company’s in-house Sano Academy.
Bewital has developed a technique – matrix – coating which allows nutrients/ingredients to by pass the rumen and reach the small intestine in their original unaltered state. Components are embedded in a matrix of rumen stable fat.
Fatrix products offer real protection with in-time release and are free flowing, dust free and easy to handle. Bewital offers brand new feeding concepts in the Fatrix range for methionine, choline, lysine and CLA.
High yielding dairy cows
High yielding dairy cows are under a great deal of metabolic stress and LactoPlus ProActive is designed to ensure high yielding females remain healthy, fertile and continue to milk well.
Rumen-stable fat provides energy which is directly absorbed in the small intestine. LactoPlus ProActive also contains rumen-stable methione, choline chloride and niacin, to ensure normal, healthy liver function, which is vital if the cow is to continue producing large volumes of milk.
Biotin is added to aid claw health. A further ingredient, a special yeast culture, stimulates the rumen microbes whilst the added dextrose improves palatability and is a readily available source of energy for the rumen bacteria.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed