EuroTier: four gold medal innovations

01-10-2008 | |

Four innovations at the upcoming EuroTier show, held 11-14 November in Hanover, Germany, have been awarded a gold medal by the independent expert commission.

Another 13 products received a silver medal, of the total of 243 innovations
that were submitted for the awards. The award winners were made public earlier
this week.

In the animal feed segment a gold medal has been awarded to
the Innovado from Dutch automated feeding company Schuitemaker. Innovado is an
automatic feeder mixer wagon that removes feed from the clamp silo, mixes it,
drives it to the housing, distributes the feed there and returns to the silo,
all without an operator.

The route is pre-set via induction loops in the
ground. The wagon is guided by sensors, a gyroscope and laser. In the concept
presented, the company combines several known engineering elements to produce a
device that allows genuine automation of the complete feeding procedure from the
clamp silo.

This can cut labour time requirements, secure work quality
and optimise feeding. The wagon can service several feed storage locations and
supply different animal groups in several housing facilities with different
rations round the clock. It is thus also particularly suitable for growing
farms. Safety is ensured by a laser that scans the surroundings for persons,
animals and objects that should not come within the vicinity of the machine. If
they do the feeder wagon stops immediately.

This innovation can be
found in hall 27, stand C26 

For more information on the prize
winners – and to get a full overview of the silver prize winners, click

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