Feed debate at British Pig and Poultry Fair

12-02-2008 | |

A feed debate at this year’s British Pig and Poultry Fair at 13 and 14 May will discuss topics such as high grain prices and risk management, Farmers Weekly reports.

The debate, part of a new forum programme led by Fair partner ABN promises
lively discussion at the event. It will include viewpoints from key industry
experts and aims to help producers understand the volatility of the world feed
market, as well as considering trends in consumer behaviour in light of rising
food prices.

Need for efficiency
National Farmers
Union chief poultry advisor Robert Newbery believes: “There is now an even
greater need for efficient production, processing and distribution throughout
the supply chain. This, coupled with clear communication and understanding of
costs can result in a better price and, subsequently, profitability and a
sustainable future.

He added: “Pig and poultry producers should consider
planning ahead to help secure feed supplies and minimise vulnerability to market
conditions. By looking ahead when buying feed, they can allow for market
conditions and price trends, which make them better placed to negotiate with
customers in the future. “In this respect, producers can take a lesson from the
feed millers themselves.”

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Source: Farmers Weekly Interactive


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