Foss introduces new NIRS DS2500

05-10-2011 | |

Near infrared specialist Foss from Denmark is launching the next evolution of NIR analysis – the NIRS DS2500 – for Feed, Forage and Petfood content analysis.

With the NIRS DS2500, near infrared analysis has taken yet another step towards ultimate performance.
Combining exceptional accuracy across a broad wavelength range of 400 to 2500 nm with full compatibility with all existing and future Foss solutions, this instrument lays the ground for a future based on a new level of excellence in analysis.
Feed and forage testing equipment uses NIR technology with reflectance measurements in the wavelength range of 400-2500 nm or 1100-2500 nm. NIR analysis is a spectroscopic technique, which makes use of the naturally occurring electromagnetic spectrum.
The NIRS DS2500 is designed to bring first class scanning capability, exceptional accuracy and resolution, results in less than 1 minute, rapid analysis of incoming ingredients, in process, and finished feed to determine:
• Protein
• Fat
• Moisture
• Starch
• Ash
• Crude fibre
• Amino acids
• More
The NIRS DS2500 can utilize calibrations from older Foss NIRS systems to ease the transition, and is versatile to take calibrations from other providers as well.
See a short video of the evolution of NIR analysis.

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