Friday Feed Update: What did you miss?

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Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

All About Feed wraps up the latest updates and business developments to ensure you don’t miss a thing in the global animal feed industry.

Chr. Hansen gears up for a sustainable future

Chr. Hansen has entered into an agreement with PensionDanmark on the expansion of its main office campus and research & development facilities in Hoersholm north of Copenhagen. The project includes the establishment of a modern innovation campus with laboratories for an additional 250 scientists.

In addition to the labs, a major new application centre will be established where Chr. Hansen, together with customers from all over the world, can test and tailor-make new and innovative products in a realistic production environment.

DuPont’s Axtra PHY launched in Japan

DuPont Animal Nutrition has launched Axtra PHY in Japan. This product is a fast-acting phytase enzyme designed to improve animal performance and reduce phosphorus waste in poultry and swine. The phytase enzyme works quickly in the digestive tract to break down phytate, the main storage form of phosphorus contained in plants and a key anti-nutrient. By lowering the impact of phytate, Axtra PHY increases the availability of phosphorus, energy and amino acids naturally present in the feed.

DSM becomes first value chain partner to the IEC

DSM has become the first value chain partner to the International Egg Commission (IEC), the international trade association representing the producers of eggs and egg products worldwide. The IEC was founded with the goal of fostering international co-operation among all sectors of the egg industry to their mutual benefit.

Designed to promote sustainable production and drive positive developments in the egg industry, the new Value Chain Partnerships will see the IEC form close strategic relationships with global organisations to deliver on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals across the global egg value chain.

The partnership will see the 2 organisations work together to tackle environmental sustainability of feed nutrition; human nutrition and poverty alleviation; anti-microbial resistance; and, animal welfare. Photo: DSM

The partnership will see the 2 organisations work together to tackle environmental sustainability of feed nutrition; human nutrition and poverty alleviation; anti-microbial resistance; and, animal welfare. Photo: DSM

Agrifirm launches product group brand Agrimprove

The Royal Agrifirm Group has launched its new functional feed ingredients brand called Agrimprove. Within this brand Agrifirm develops new ideas in animal health and nutrition.

“In support of farmers and industry all over the world, we are constantly working on innovative functional feed ingredient concepts in the field of animal health and nutrition, that add sustainable value throughout the agri-food chain,” said Johan de Schepper, MD of Agrifirm International, adding, “With Agrimprove we have one clear and global functional feed ingredients brand under the Agrifirm umbrella.” Agrimprove is based on the functional feed ingredients line that was formerly known as Nuscience’s Health4U portfolio.

Hi Peak Organic Feeds goes ‘green’

From December 2019, Hi Peak Organic Feeds will be powered exclusively by renewable energy. For the next 3 years, the company, which is the UK and Ireland’s largest 100% organic manufacturer of feeds, blends, minerals and speciality products, will source its energy from 100% Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certified sources to minimise its impact on the environment.

Denkavit acquisition of Grober Nutrition

The Dutch family-owned company Denkavit has been in business for more than 80 years specialising in young animal nutrition and feed ingredients, with a special focus on feed for calves, piglets, lambs and goat kids. The company has recently reached an agreement with their US subsidiary, Grober Nutrition, for its acquisition. Grober Nutrition is a young animal nutrition and feed ingredients company in New York.

Layn announces new business segments

Layn, a producer of plant-based sweeteners and natural extracts, has announced a new business unit, TruGro™ Animal Nutrition. This unit is rolling out a line of botanical extracts including polyphenol-rich extracts, citrus bioflavonoids, natural sweeteners

and other natural extracts to support key areas of animal nutrition, including palatability, natural antioxidation, gut health and AGP replacement.

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