GD Hammer Mill with Automatic Screen Exchange

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GD Hammer Mill with Automatic Screen Exchange

Van Aarsen International will present itself on VIV 2010 to the public in a Feed Technology Pavilion. As a specialist in turn key feed mills and innovative process technologies Van Aarsen has the know-how and 60 years experience to develop the best possible solution for every problem.

To show their capabilities Van Aarsen will show their GD type hammer mill with new developed automatic screen exchange system for 3 different screen types. The system is already operational in 2 feed mills and demand is constantly increasing.


The system consists of a cassette unit with 3 slots to hold the screens, a motorised insertion system and control system.
The control system is with a Siemens S7-300 PLC incl. Multi-panel 277-10” touch-screen. During operation the control system is obsequious to the feed mill control system and automatically selects the screen required for the recipe in question. Communication between the control systems takes place via a Profibus connection.
When inspecting or replacing the screens the required actions are indicated step by step on the touch- screen. The PLC can also be used for load control of the hammer mill.
The screens are stored in a cassette system that is suspended above the hammer mill. This construction enables:
·       The surface area required for the hammer mill to remain the same
·       Easy access, ergonomic working conditions
·       Use of simple straight screen plates
·       No extra tools
·       Sieve exchange during operation
·       CE protected cassettes
·       Cassettes to be moved aside when opening the hammer mill doors
The screen is suspended in a cassette slot by means of a lever with pneumatic cylinder. During insertion the lever pushes the screen down into the mechanism. The insertion mechanism consists of two sets of motor driven wheels that place the screen into the hammer mill. Once in place, a pneumatically operated clamp locks the screen into place and seals the hammer mill.
Though this system minimizes dust release from the hammer mill during screen exchange, it can still handle severely damaged sieves.
With this newly developed system a wide range of feed structures can be produced and in combination with frequency control the advantages are numerous:
  • Flexible production
  • Few production stops
  • Excellent feed structure for individual recipes
The automatic screen exchange on the GD Hammer Mill is already a big success, we here from our customers. Unique in the market is a screen exchange for three screens and the compact design of it as well. It gives unprecedented possibilities in the grinding process for grinding to the right particle size without losing production time.
If you like to find out more about this or other Van Aarsen developments, visit us at VIV 2010 in the Feed Technology Pavilion in Hall 7.

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