GMP+ certification scheme becomes GMP+ International

04-12-2009 | |

In the meeting of the General Board of the Product Board Animal Feed (PDV) on 2 December 2009 it was decided to make the GMP+ certification system autonomous.

There will be no changes with respect to content for the GMP+ certified companies. The new organisation will however have a new name: GMP+ International. This name matches the international orientation better. There will also be a new quality mark for the participating companies with an introductory period of three years.

The increasingly international participation in GMP+ meant that its activities no longer fitted within the public law business format of the PDV. There are currently more than 10,900 participants in GMP+ of which one third are in the Netherlands and the rest in 65 other countries. In the new GMP+ International organisation, opportunities will be provided to meet the specific desires of certain countries which should be included as an addition to the international basis to satisfy specific market wishes.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor