GMP+ International reinforces contacts with Chinese companies

22-04-2011 | |

From now on GMP+ International offers information in the Chinese language.

Johan den Hartog, director of GMP+ International, at the China Feed Expo in Nanchang launched the Chinese information on, the website of his organization.
Den Hartog announced at this fair that a GMP+ Round Table will be started in China, with companies from the food and feed industries.
Growth market
China is a new growth market for GMP+ International and its feed safety scheme (GMP+ FSA scheme).
The production of animal products such as meat, dairy products and eggs, is going through a growth never seen before in this Asian country, and with it also the production of and trade in feed and feed raw materials is increasing.
After some recent scandals, the country attributes a high priority to food safety, as was pronounced recently by the Chinese People’s Congress.
Chinese participants
So far 26 companies have been certified for the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme. These companies are active in the production of and trade in feed materials and the production of minerals, vitamins and additives.
This number will further increase in the period to come now that companies from, especially, Western Europe are establishing themselves in China. They too will anchor attention for feed safety in the local companies.
The information in the Chinese language on the website sees to it that the current and the potential new participants have easier access to relevant information and documents which belong to the GMP+ FSA scheme.
Chinese is the seventh official language of GMP+ International, after German, Dutch, English, French, Danish and Polish. The documents of GMP+ FSA scheme are in English and continue to be leading and binding.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed

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