Hamlet Protein achieves GMP+ B2 certification

02-04-2015 | |
Hamlet Protein achieves GMP+ B2 certification

Hamlet Protein have announced their Findlay plant in Ohio,US has recently been certified under the GMP+ B2 (production of feed ingredients) standard.

Achieving GMP+ certification in Findlay aligns the quality certifications of Hamlet’s plants globally. This alignment is of vital importance as it allows us to serve our customers all over the world with a unified and globally recognized quality standard.

Attaining third party quality certification in the plants is just one step in the continued process for improving safety and quality. All quality systems have a requirement for review and self-improvement and the company will continue working diligently to deliver products manufactured under the highest product safety and quality standards.

Later in 2015, the final feed rule of the US Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) will be published. The new rules under FSMA will likely add some new requirements which Hamlet will implement as part of its continuing improvement process.

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