Hi-tech measures to boost grain yields

20-07-2007 | |

As arable land continues to shrink, China is seeking more hi-tech measures to increase grain production.

A coordination group consisting of four government bodies – the Ministry of
Science and Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Finance Ministry and
the State Administration of Grain – signed responsibility contracts with 12
major grain production provinces in Beijing, pledging to make greater efforts to
increase crop yields through science and technology.


“Hi-tech input will play a key role in ensuring the
country’s grain security and improving farmers’ living standards,” Wan Gang,
minister of science and technology, said. “The agricultural innovations must be
practical to let farmers see successful results, and boost their support for
hi-tech measures,” Wan said. “Our technicians need to work in the field with the
farmers, and always be on hand to advise farmers during critical periods,” Wan

Agricultural trial zone
The project will
involve the building of a trial zone of 9,300 hectares, a demonstration
agriculture zone of 900,000 hectares, and a beneficial zone of 9 million
hectares in the next four years to guarantee the country meets its annual output
goal of 540 million tons by the end of 2010, as set by the 11th Five-Year Plan.