Hyper-immunised eggs for healthy piglets

07-10-2008 | |
Hyper-immunised eggs for healthy piglets

Hyper-immunised egg powder for piglets? Dr. Ioannis Mavromichalis, General Manager of Ariston Nutrition explains this issue further in his new blog at our sister website PigProgress.net.

Hyper-immunised egg powder is basically pasteurised eggs
derived from hens strongly immunised against specific pathogens that affect
piglets post-weaning.

As a result of this hyper-immunisation, eggs produced by these hens are
extremely rich in immunoglobulins. And, it is immunoglobulins that attach
themselves to pathogenic bacteria rendering them harmless to the

According to Dr. Mavromichalis,
hyper-immunised egg powder not only minimises the risk of scours post-weaning in
piglets, but it can also replace plasma!

Ariston Nutrition   

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