Indian feed makers want govt intervention

20-05-2008 | |

Cattle and poultry feed makers in India have demanded that the government should supply them soyameal at reasonable rates to keep prices of milk and eggs under check.

CLFMA, which is the apex industry body of feed makers,
has sent a letter to the Centre’s Department of Animal Husbandry about 15 days
back for regulating soyameal prices that have doubled in last one year.

“Unless government does not ensure supply (of soyameal) at a reasonable
rate, there may be 5-10 per cent decline in feed production, which will impact
both output and prices of milk and eggs,” CLFMA Chairman C Vasantkumar said. He
said feed prices have gone up by Rs 2-3 per kg last year, which is very high
considering the farmers’ income in the dairy and poultry sector.

Currently, cattle and poultry feed are available in the range of Rs
10-14 per kg as against Rs 7-10 a kg last year. Vasantkumar said feed prices
have not increased as much as the rates of soyameal, which is an important raw
material in manufacturing of both cattle and poultry feed because of protein

Soyameal prices have touched Rs 18 a kg compared to Rs 8-9 a
year ago, mainly because of higher export, Delhi-based feed manufacturer Ram
Niwas Mangla said. The feed manufacturers blame higher export for the rise in
soyameal prices. However, soyabean processors said there is no problem in
domestic availability and only the surplus quantities are being

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[Source: EconomicTimes]

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