Innovative pet food drives growth at Hill’s

31-10-2007 | |
Innovative pet food drives growth at Hill’s

Innovative new products and veterinary recommendations continue to drive growth at Hill’s Pet Nutrition, according to the third quarter figures from mother company Colgate-Palmolive.

Consumption growth and market share gains in the U.S.
specialty pet channel during the quarter were driven by strong sales of Science
Diet Canine Large Breed and Science Diet Canine Lamb & Rice Small Bites. The
relaunch of Science Diet Canine Nature’s Best with upgraded all natural
ingredients during the quarter is also off to a strong start. Science Diet
Indoor Cat and Science Diet Light contributed to growth in feline.

Therapeutic pet food
Therapeutic cat food are particularly growing. Prescription Diet c/d Multicare
Feline, a therapeutic food for the nutritional management of cats with feline
lower urinary tract disease, Prescription Diet d/d Canine and Prescription Diet
j/d Canine drove growth in the U.S. veterinary channel.

Internationally, growth was strong led by Russia, South Africa,
the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia and France. New pet food
products contributing to the international growth include Prescription Diet j/d
Canine and Feline, Science Plan Feline Chunks in Gravy pouches and Science Plan
Neutered Cat, a veterinary exclusive product.

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