Kemin will participate in “Mycotoxins 2009”

27-02-2009 | |

Kemin Industries, Inc. will host speaker Dr. Stefaan van Dyck at the “Mycotoxins 2009” technical conference (part of VIV Asia) on March 10 at Imperial Queen’s Park hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dr. Stefaan van Dyck was invited to present “Protecting Consumers From Mycotoxins” at this year’s “Mycotoxins 2009” conference.  His presentation will discuss seven criteria for evaluating mycotoxin binder performance.  Careful evaluation of mycotoxin binders contributes to greater overall animal production and safe food for consumers. Dr. Van Dyck is director of research and development for Kemin Europa and is a guest professor at the University of Antwerp in Belgium where he teaches food chemistry. 

Kemin Agrifoods Asia will be available to discuss mycotoxin binders as well as other Kemin products that promote animal health and performance at their booth in hall 1 G074 during VIV Asia, March 11-13, 2009.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor