Kent Feeds recalls Vit D lacking pig feed

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Muscatine, Iowa, USA-based Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. is voluntarily recalling some Kent Feeds swine feed products due to insufficient vitamin D levels in premixes it purchased from Tri Ag Supply, Inc. that were used in those swine feed products.

The recall is being implemented in order to prevent health problems in swine consuming feed products where there is a vitamin D3 deficiency.
Vitamin D defeciency
The effects of vitamin D deficiency are altered calcium and phosphorus metabolism and the subsequent mineralization of bones. 
It generally takes 4 to 6 months for signs to show in mature pigs. Signs in mature pigs include poor growth, stiffness, lameness, stiff gait and broken/fractured bones. 
In young pigs, vitamin D deficiency causes rickets, which is characterized by weak bending bones and rear leg problems, and may lead to animal death. 
Swine having sufficient exposure to natural sunlight and/or other vitamin D3 supplements may not be affected by dietary vitamin D3 deficiency.
Insufficient Vit D in premix
The firm has been notified by its former vitamin supplier, Tri Ag Supply, Inc., that premixes containing insufficient levels of vitamin D3 were sold to Kent Feeds.
Kent Feeds also has received some reports of swine deaths and rickets in swine that may have consumed the vitamin D lacking feed.
 As a result, the company is voluntarily recalling certain Kent Feeds swine feed products. A list of the affected products is posted on the Kent Feeds website.
The recalled products were manufactured between December 1, 2009, and June 7, 2010. Products manufactured after June 7, 2010 are not subject to this recall.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed
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