Kyrgyzstan: 20,000 livestock animals die due to feed shortages

04-04-2012 | |
Kyrgyzstan: 20,000 livestock animals die due to feed shortages

Due to a lack of feed in high mountain pastures in remote regions of Kyrgyzstan 19,549 livestock animals have died, amounting to about 1.5-2% of the country’s total livestock population.

This is according to a member of the Federal Parliament from the Social Democratic Party Mamytbay Salymbeko at a press conference on March, 28.
"Of these deaths 3304 were cattle, 14601 sheep and goats, and another 1644 horses. Currently we need 28,000 tons of fodder, and 6000 tons of feed grain to be sent to Osh and Naryn regions, where the feed crisis is at its worst. The government is currently transporting feed reserves from the Chu valley from the middle of the country"- said Mamytbay Salymbekov.


The feed shortage in these pastures was caused by the prolonged winter season and heavy snowfall in March. In the last week the Ministry of Emergency Situations has delivered more than 2,000 bales of hay to these areas, but the situation is still very complicated.


Currently there are other tens of thousands of animals at risk of falling victim to starvation. Feed delivery is made very difficult due to accessibility problems of the regions. Many mountain roads are still snowed under, and it is almost impossible to deliver feed by road. To add to the problems feed stocks in regions least affected by weather may also soon come to an end, resulting in the whole country facing an acute crisis in livestock farming.

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