Latest AllAboutFeed magazine now available online

09-02-2015 | |
Latest AllAboutFeed magazine now available online

The January/February issue of AllAboutFeed is now available online. Amongst others things, this issue delves into the way that Geelen Counterflow in the Netherlands is making their feed dryers and coolers more sustainable and we give a short preview on what the programme for the first VIV Asia pet food conference will entail.

Feed machines getting carbon neutral

A better planet can start with designing a feed dryer that leaves a zero carbon footprint when in use. Geelen Counterflow in the Netherlands aims to only sell these new generation dryers in the future. And it makes sense, considering that aquafeed and dry pet food factories are true energy guzzlers, because drying is required to reduce the moisture content of the product after extrusion. The company has also built a new sustainable office. Read more about Geelen’s ambition on page 22.

The latest pet food trends at VIV Asia

In this issue of AllAboutFeed, we will also touch on the pet food seminar, that will be held for the first time at the upcoming VIV Asia. One part of the event will be dedicated to pet food ingredients and additives and is co-hosted by AllAboutFeed. The presentations, given by Anton Beynen, will reflect on the functional and natural trends that are reflecting the use of pet food ingredients. Mr Beynen works at Vobra Petfoods in the Netherlands and is also a regular writer for AllAboutFeed magazine. Read more on page 18 of this issue, what you can expect more.

Also in this issue:

  • Formulation software: It’s all in the cloud
  • Selenium in feed can step up poultry meat quality
  • Progressive ban has led to more antibiotic alternatives
  • Russia eyes to boost its lysine production
  • CCPA Group develops itself further

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor