Latest edition AllAboutFeed now online

24-02-2014 | |
Latest edition AllAboutFeed now online

The March issue of AllAboutFeed is now available online. Read about the outcomes of the Biomin mycotoxin survey, the potential of microalgae as animal feed and the new GMO rules in Russia.

Mycotoxins remain a global threat, but how much of the raw material samples is contaminated with the toxins and is there much variance between different continents? To find out, animal nutrition company Biomin therefore analysed 4,218 samples on the presence of mycotoxins. It was shown that Asia remains the region with highest maximum values for most of the tested mycotoxins (Afla, ZEN, DON and FUM). More results of the other regions can be read on page 10 of this issue.

In this issue we also touch on a the potential of microalgal biomass in animal feed. Although the use of whole microalgae in animal diets has long been studied, the de-fatted biomass of microalgal species, derived from the biofuel production research, has only recently been shown feasibility in replacing corn and soybean meal in animal diets. De-fatted biomass is derived when lipids are extracted from algae to create biofuel.  Furthermore, it shows promise in producing DHA/EPA enriched eggs, meats, and milk. Read more about this novel protein rich ingredient on page 14 of this issue.

The region covered in this edition is Russia. On page 6 of this issue you can read about the latest decisions of the Russian government to agree on the cultivation and import of GM crops in the country. Proponents agree on the fact that grain production and income can be increased, and opponents explain that research is lacking on the long term effects of using GM crops. In the Mind My Mill section, we take a glimpse at the feed mills of the Russian Cherkizovo Group. This large company has increased its capacity lately due to growth of its farms and only goes for the most modern equipment.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor