Majority of German cows are fed GM-soy

21-04-2009 | |
Majority of German cows are fed GM-soy

Several quality brands of dairy products in Germany used milk from cows, which have been fed GM-soy, according to the environmental organization Greenpeace.

Analysis of feed samples for suppliers of Weihenstephan, Bärenbrand and Allgäuland have shown that they used genetically modified soy from South America to feed their cows, Greenpeace said Greenpeace.
For the brand Landliebe all tested suppliers renounced on imported soy cake and GM-plants.
Allgäuland indicated that the use of GM fodder is allowed, and "nothing spectacular".
However, Greenpeace the allegations against milk producers is just the tip of the iceberg. “Feeding chickens and pigs genetically modified soy is more the rule than the exception,” said Greenpeace spokesman Alexander Hissting.
Approximately 90% of imported soy products for animal feed had been genetically modified, added Bernhard Krüsken of the German Animal Feed Association.
The reasons for the wide dissemination of the GM-soy are lower prices and poor availability of conventional soybeans on the world market.
Big buyers such as China prefer the cheaper GM soy, so that producers from the US or South America focus on cultivation of GM-soybeans.
Greenpeace activists in Germany want to protest at 80 supermarkets before Saturday against the production of ‘gene-milk’ and inform customers.

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Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed