March issue All About Feed now available online

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March issue All About Feed now available online. Photo: RBI
March issue All About Feed now available online. Photo: RBI

Issue 2 of All About Feed magazine can now be read online and in the app. This issue covers topics such as vitamin B shortage when fish are fed vegetarian diets, the use of feed to reduce boar taint and we had an interview with Romer Labs about the future of mycotoxin testing.

Many fish diets are moving away from having high levels of fish meal and fish oil in them. From an environmental perspective, alternative protein sources for fish meal are applauded as this will reduce the pressure on wild catch fish for production of fish meal. Often, fish meal is replaced by plant based ingredients. However, very essential nutrients, such as B-vitamins, can be reduced to a great extent when fish meal is replaced. Norwegian researchers looked at whether vitamin B supply needs to be adjusted when plant ingredients are used in the diet of Atlantic salmon and shared the results with All About Feed.

Nutritional approach to boar taint

Boar taint is the offensive odour that can be evident during the cooking or heating of pork or pork products derived from non-castrated male pigs once they have reached puberty. For many years, companies have been trying to develop alternative strategies and to come up with the silver bullet, to make conventional castration unnecessary. This is needed because the European Union aims to ban conventional castration as of 2018. The company Dumoulin develop a new boar feed that might be the silver bullet. To All About Feed, they explained what this entails.

Photo: Kees van Dooren

Photo: Kees van Dooren

The evolution of mycotoxin test kits

Sampling methods to detect mycotoxins have evolved a great deal over the years. Yet, the quest is to make them even savvier and quicker, for a food/feed safety and economical reason. The aim is to get results closer to the point of purchase. On-site testing in the form of test strips is a very practical way to test for mycotoxins in the feed mill or storage facility. Romer Labs, based in Austria, is an expert in mycotoxin testing and focuses on a constant increase of accuracy and usability through continuous improvements of the applied technologies. All About Feed talked to Kurt Brunner, Head of R&D, to find out more about their activities and how he sees the future of testing for mycotoxins.

Photo: Emmy Koeleman

Photo: Emmy Koeleman

Also in this issue:

– All About Feed at Global Forum of Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA)

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– Feed Design Lab in the Netherlands: 4 years after kick-off

– Russia faces shortage of soybean meal

– Global Feed Survey results from Alltech

– Different methionine sources tested in broilers

– New insect meal trials done in shrimp

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