Mars pet food factory in AUS raises concern

14-02-2008 | |
Mars pet food factory in AUS raises concern

The National Union of Workers in Australia has expressed concern about the process of deciding who will be made redundant at the Mars pet food factory in Bathurst in central western New South Wales, ABC reports.

The union will today meet workers at the plant, where management has
announced it plans to cut 55 jobs. A union spokesman, Mark Ptolemy, says the
company has refused the union’s request for voluntary redundancies. He has
expressed concerns that the redundancy process will not be fair and

“If a worker has to fill out a form and it’s assessed by the
company, that information can be held by the company, maybe for a later round of
redundancies,” he said. “Also, and we’re not suggesting Mars will do this, but
it leaves the door open for an unscrupulous employer to target union members,
and maybe through this assessment process use that as a backdoor way of getting
rid of those deemed to be troublemakers.”


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