Menu Foods loses largest pet food customer

15-08-2007 | |

Menu Foods, the pet food company involved in the melamine scare has lost another major contract with its largest customer, believed to be the Wal-Mart chain.

The Toronto-based firm said Tuesday it received “verbal notice” from the
unnamed customer that it intends to terminate its agreement to buy products from
Menu Foods as of Oct. 1. “That customer’s purchases of those products accounted
for approximately 10.8% of total volume in 2006,” Menu Foods said in a release.

“Menu Foods is disappointed in the reaction of this customer to the pet
food recall,” CEO Paul Henderson said. “The intentional tainting of product
inputs from a third-party supplier in China was a fraudulent act that victimized
many pet food manufacturers, customers and consumers.”

Menu Foods said it
has acted decisively has been working with its customers and the entire pet food
industry throughout the recall process.

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