Mexico buys the most DDGS from the US

29-10-2008 | |

In 2007, Mexico imported 708,000 metric tons of distillers dried grains with soluble (DDGS) for livestock feed from the United States. This makes the country the number 1 importer of US DDGS.

Canada purchased less than half as much DDGS,
importing 317,580 metric tons from the United States in 2007. Mexico, which
imports DDGS as feed for poultry, beef cattle, dairy cattle, and swine, is
expected to raise the bar in 2008, having already imported nearly 699,000 metric
tons of DDGS from the United States during the first eight months of the year,
according to Julio Hernandez, U.S. Grains Council director in Mexico and Central

In the foreseeable future, Mexico has the potential to import
as much as 4 million metric tons of DDGS, he added. The U.S. Grains Council is
also promoting the use of DDGS in the aquaculture and pet food industries in
Mexico, Hernandez added.

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