Miratorg to launch new line for animal feed production

20-10-2011 | |

Moscow headquartered holding “Miratorg,” one of the largest pork producers in Russia, intends, in the near future, to substantially increase the production of animal feed, bringing the total figure up to 1 million tonnes per year.

To accomplish this Miratorg plans to open a new plant in the spring of 2012 , which will be the third feed mill of the holding, said Viktor Linnik co-owner of Miratorg in an interview. 
“This step will also ensure that all new projects of the company will have the necessary feed resources,” he added.
According to company representatives the new large-scale project will be launched on the territory of the Belgorod region.
The distinguishing feature of the new plant will be the manufacturing of only high quality feed products which are to help the holding to achieve high rates of weight gain in pigs. 
Internal production
Mostly the production from the new plant will meet the internal needs of the company, but a certain amount of feed may be marked for sale, including foreign markets,  company representatives added.
The holding management have put their hopes on the new feed mill, which is designed to help the company to solve two problems at once – completely eliminate the necessity to buy feed for internal needs, as well as to achieve optimal performance of pigs reaching slaughter weight. 
Today in Russia, the rate of weight gain in the pork industry is 30-40% lower than in western countries, and this is largely due to the lack of high quality feed products.

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