More organic pet food after melamine scare

17-03-2008 | |
More organic pet food after melamine scare

It’s been one year since nearly 100 brands of pet food were recalled by Canadian-based manufacturer Menu Foods. It seems that pet owners are now more aware of what to feed their pets and encouraged many animal lovers to buy all-natural and organic foods.

Dog Daze Bakery on Park Street in Syracuse, New
York only sells all-natural and organic pet products. When the recall hit,
the owners David and Ruth Sturgis only saw sales jump 30%. They also attribute
their recent spike in business to the fact that more people are eating organic
and they want their pets to eat organic, too.

Owner David Sturgis says a
big misconception is that all-natural and organic foods are very expensive. On
average, a can or bag of all-natural or organic dog food is only $1-$2 more than
brands sold in grocery stores. Some organic pet food products can be pricey, but
Sturgis says how much is spent is up to the customer. Sturgis recently added
several more organic brands to his line of pet foods. He says buying all-natural
and organic pet foods is not a temporary trend but a permanent one.

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