More US pet food via natural supermarkets

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More US pet food via natural supermarkets

US pet food producers who sell through natural supermarkets enjoyed double digit sales growth in the past year, according to the report “Natural Supermarket Pet Department Close-Up.” Safety consumer concerns after the major pet food recall last year is seen as one of the major drivers behind the growth.

Analyzing data from SPINSscan, Packaged Facts found
that retail sales of pet products through natural supermarkets totalled $77.2
million in full-year 2007, up 22% over 2006, when sales rose 13%. Cat food
posted the highest rate of growth in 2007, at 28%, followed by dog food at 25%
and pet supplies at 19%.

The strong pet department performance in
natural supermarkets contrasts sharply with the sluggish sales performance of
pet products in the mass market. According to Information Resources, Inc.’s
InfoScan Review data for supermarkets, drugstores and mass merchandisers except
Wal-Mart, overall pet department sales rose by just 2.8% in full-year 2007 and
by just 2.3% during the 52 weeks ending April 20, 2008.

The natural
sector is one area of the pet market that has enjoyed significant sales growth
over the past decade. According to Packaged Facts, sales of natural pet products
through all channels grew 41% in 2007 to reach $1,284 million, with double-digit
annual percentage gains predicted through 2012.

“Pet product marketers
ignoring the natural pet channel do so at their own peril,” notes Tatjana
Meerman, Publisher of Packaged Facts. “For several years as of 2008, natural
supermarkets have significantly outperformed more traditional counterparts.
Similarly, the pet departments of natural supermarket retailers are far
outperforming those of most other retail channels, and there is ample room for
these departments to expand.”

This all new Packaged Facts’ report, “Natural Supermarket Pet Department
examines on the fast-growing pet departments of natural
supermarkets, providing detailed sales data for the channel overall as well as
seven product categories, including dog and cat food, pet snacks, pet
supplements and pet care. The report also provides in-depth market share stats
and profiles of the leading brands in the natural supermarket channel, with a
particular focus on the top five, as well as examines the top two natural
supermarket chains — Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.


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