New acidifier improves electrolyte balance

16-06-2010 | |
New acidifier improves electrolyte balance

Perstorp introduces ProPhorce AC 299: a new highly cost-effective acidifier that improves the dietary Electrolyte Balance in addition to the benefits of acidifying feed.

ProPhorce AC 299 is a dry, non-corrosive acidifier. It improves daily live weight gain, feed conversion and it inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract.
The main benefit of the acidifier, in addition to the benefits gained by applying an acidifier, is the ability to optimize the dietary electrolyte balance (dEB).
In growing animals – such as pigs and broilers – optimizing the dietary electrolyte balance enhances animal performance. A positive electrolyte balance has scientifically shown to enhance the growth rate of farm animals.
ProPhorce AC 299 has consistently shown to enhance animal performance in piglet growth experiments (see graph below).
Feed intake, weight gain and FCR 1-4 weeks after weaning. The acidifier enhances weight gain and improves the feed conversion ratio significantly. Bars with different superscript (a,b) differ significantly (P<0.05).
ProPhorce AC 299 combines the advantages of an acidifier with the ability to manage the electrolyte balance and the antibacterial properties of the formic acid anion.
Including the acidifier in the feed can give a significant reduction of the variable feed cost accompanied with an improved animal performance.
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Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed
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