New complex to protect cells against free radicals

08-01-2014 | |
New complex to protect cells against free radicals

ISF Schaumann Research has added a new product to its portfolio aimed to assist in preventing oxidative stress in high-performance cows.

Oxidative stress can disrupt animals’ metabolism, resulting in aggressive oxygen compounds (so-called free radicals) attacking and destroying cells. Possible reasons for oxidative stress include inflammation, inadequate environmental conditions and poor feed quality. These can cause natural defence mechanisms (antioxidative capacity) to fail and substantially impair performance.

The new product (Zellpro) is  a cell protection complex based on the antioxidants vitamin E, copper, zinc, manganese and selenium. The complex strengthens the immune system, reduces the risk of infection and enhances performance.

The synergistic antioxidants in the product protect feed and feed rations against spoilage and remain active throughout the bovine digestive tract and metabolism. At the metabolic level, the cows’ immune system uses the complex to form a 3-pronged protection mechanism comprising the vitamins E and selenium, the organically bound Aminotrace trace elements copper, manganese and zinc, and antioxidants optimised for cell protection. This approach helps prevent the formation of aggressive oxygen compounds, neutralise existing free radicals and repair damaged cells.

The new product is part of the Rindamin and Rindavit mineral feed ranges.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor