New edition of Feed Tech is out now

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New edition of Feed Tech is out now

The June issue of Feed Tech (number 5) has just been published. Feed Tech is the leading international magazine on feed production and applied nutrition.

In this issue, Thomas Jørgensen from Source Technology
in Denmark explains how a new automatic sampler can save labour time during
extrusion processes.

Medicine losses shrimp
Shravan Kumar Mishra
and Joachim Hertrampf discuss how modified lecithin can prevent medicine losses in
pellets. To administer medicines or vitamins to shrimps, the feed pellets are
often soaked in a medicated oily mixture. However, substances are easily lost in
the water and can therefore not fully absorbed by the animals. New insights show
that if the pellets are wetted in an emulsion of fish oil, modified lecithin and
the medicine, the losses are much lower.

Odour reducion
Odour emission during the production or processing
of food and feed is often an unwelcome side effect. However, by using cold
plasma technology, the smell can be reduced up to 95%. In the cover story,
Håvard Vetrhus from Applied Plasma

in Norway reports on the latest insights.

Going green
Also in this issue, a review from the
24th Animal Health and Nutrition Symsosium, organised by Alltech. This year focus was on “going green”.
Vincent ter Beek and Emmy Koeleman visited the symposium and clarify
the topics that were presented.

Feed mill in the
For the regional focus, Feed Tech correspondent Stuart Lumb went down to
visit a €241.5 thousand facility in the Philippines. The company Agrichexers Corp. has recently opened a
brand new feed mill just outside Manila.

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