New machines and process systems from Dinnissen

15-05-2014 | |
New machines and process systems from Dinnissen

During VIV Europe Dinnissen will present its latest process machines and process systems for the production of granules, meal and extruded feeds.

Dinnissen’s newest hammer mill is equipped with increased screen surface, extra-large grinding panels and an automatic screen exchanger in combination with a wide range of screens. As a result, the newest hammer mill provides clients with significantly increased grinding capacity, less downtime and greater flexibility. The automatic screen exchanger has enough space for 4 to 6 sets of different screen panels, making it possible for the system to automatically select the appropriate screen perforation and thereby grind the raw ingredients into the desired product within optimum structure and particle size. The mechatronic screen exchanger system automatically chooses and places the correct set of screen panels in the hammer mill. After completion of the production process, the screen exchanger also removes and stores the set of screens within 40 seconds.

High-capacity powder screening system

Dinnissen developed a special line of high-capacity powder screening systems with built-in metal detection and automatic sampling functionality. The new screening concept is developed for smaller and medium-sized companies that wish to quickly and efficiently carry out thorough quality controls on powders such as milk and meal. The new screening concept allows feed producers to screen fine powders (≤ 100 mµ, 250 mµ or 1000 mµ) at very high throughput rates (up to 30 to 40 tons per hour), thereby avoiding product contamination and ensuring that the end product complies with the desired justifications. Dinnissen has equipped its new screening system with integrated and automated sampling functionality. This allows the user to automatically take samples to monitor product quality in terms of microbiology, homogeneity, and particle size. Samples can be taken in accordance with a predetermined frequency, volume and weight, thereby increasing the reliability, accuracy, and efficiency of the overall quality control process.

Innovative station for emptying big bags

New from Dinnissen is the innovative station for emptying big bags of powders, particles and granulates safely and efficiently. The new system aims to provide a safe working environment for operators in a wide range of sectors. In addition, the big bag emptying station provides a clean, hygienic and dust-free working environment. The emptying station can empty up to 15 big bags per hour. The big bags are first placed on a special vibrating plate, after which the operator connects the transport hose and unties the bag. The system then stretches the bottom part of the bag. In combination with the special intermittent vibrating programme, this ensures that the big bag can be easily and efficiently emptied without any residue left behind. As the emptying process progresses, the bag is gradually stretched further to ensure that all of the powders, particles or granulates are emptied from the bag. The big bag emptying station can be equipped with extra functionality for companies who need to comply with additional requirements in terms of safety, hygiene and ease-of-use.

Dinnissen: Hall 8, Booth #C011

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