New scientists join Research Institute of Feed Technology

19-09-2014 | |
New scientists join Research Institute of Feed Technology

The International Research Association of Feed Technology (Internationale Forschungsgemeinschaft Futtermitteltechnik e.V., IFF) has recently added two new members to its team.

Verena Heid studied food technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda/Germany. The last 4.5 years of her professional life Heid worked in the chemical industry as Application Technologist for Dairy and Processed Cheese products, as well as Baked Goods and Nutritionals before moving corporate to the field of Quality Management, Food Safety and HACCP. Participation in internal-, customer- and certification audits belonged to her scope of work as well as answering customer questionnaires and handling customer specifications. Heid started working for the IFF Research Institute as scientific staff in July 2014 as successor of Ms Mohrig. Medium-term she will manage the feed safety among others.

Nicolas Borchert (Ph.D.) finished his studies of Food Technology at TU Berlin in 2008 with the degree of Dipl.-Ing. At University College Cork (Ireland), he joined the Food Packaging Group (Food and Nutritional Sciences) and the Biophysics and Bioanalysis Lab (Biochemistry) to do his Ph.D. Back in Germany Nicolas Borchert worked in the service and quality management for a well-known Pizza company. Since June 2014, Dr Borchert strengthens the scientific staff of the Research Institute of Feed Technology (IFF). As being the successor of Mr Löwe, his focus is on all aspects of process technology.

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