Nutreco: No fish meal in farmed Salmon diets

18-05-2009 | |

Scientists at Nutreco are working to phase out the meat in salmon diets, making the meal all-vegetarian, said Alex Obach, managing director at Nutreco’s research unit.

The Dutch based company spent a decade perfecting a salmon diet, replacing fish meal from wild catch such as Peruvian anchovies with a mix of soybeans, rapeseed and ground-up chicken.

The new dish, developed at a laboratory in Stavanger, Norway, will supplement about 1.3 million tons of fish feed Nutreco makes each year, according to the company. The pellets still contain fish oil salmon needs to build up so-called Omega 3 acids that support the human immune system and make the fish a popular source of nutrition with consumers.

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[source: Bloomberg]

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor