Nutriscan makes homemade yoghurt for piglets-Yoghurlac

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Nutriscan makes homemade yoghurt for piglets-Yoghurlac

Among Danish piglet producers, it is known, that sour milk products such as yoghurt have a beneficial impact on the intestinal function and thereby on the health of piglets.

That is why yoghurt products are widely used for piglets suffering from digestive disturbances, for large litters and in periods when the sow does not produce sufficient amount of milk in order to support a healthy growth, and at the same time to keep the use of antibiotics low, especially at weaning.
The new product, YoghurLac, is designed to have the same texture and acidity as yoghurt products, when the 125 grams of the product is mixed into 1 litre of lukewarm water.
Besides active lactic acid bacteria, YoghurLac contains high contents of milk powder and lactose, providing the piglets with easily absorbable nutrient at the same time as the milk acidification ensures a low pH in the intestinal tract and thus damaging E.coli and other gram negative bacteria.
The thick texture of the mixture and the both fresh and sweet taste from the acidified milk powder  ensures that the piglets eat willingly the homemade yoghurt and “splashing” will be avoided.
The advantage of YoghurLac is further more a long shelf life, 2 years, and it is ready to mix and use when it is needed. It need not be refrigerated and does not occupy space in the refrigerator.
The product is available in 8 kg buckets, enough for production of 64 litres of homemade yoghurt, for a price approximately 25% below the dairy yoghurt products.
YoghurLac is manufactured by NutriScan a/s, Denmark.
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