Ometric founder speaks at pet food event

15-04-2008 | |

Dr. Michael L. Myrick, chief scientist of spectroscopy innovator Ometric Corporation, will be present at the 2008 Pet Food Forum, a premier event for the pet food industry that takes place April 14-16, 2008 in Chicago.

The presentation will cover the topic of “In-Line
Analysis of Moisture, Water Activity and Nutrients Using Multivariate Optical
Computing(TM),” a process developed by Myrick and his research team at the
Columbia, S.C.-based Ometric

“From a safety and quality control standpoint, it’s
vital for pet food industry manufacturers to have the ability to accurately
measure the types of ingredients and the level of moisture for all products
prior to distribution in the marketplace,” said Dr. Myrick.

continued, “I’m honored to have the opportunity to discuss this important topic
with pet food industry leaders and share information about Multivariate Optical
Computing(TM) — innovative technology that is applicable to any food and
beverage manufacturer where ingredient control is important. By providing
real-time, in-line data of the industrial process, manufacturers are able to
reduce waste, maximize ingredient compounding and better manage the overall
quality control while ensuring a greater return on investment.”

Hosted by
Pet Food Industry magazine, Pet Food Forum is an annual event that features
industry educational exhibits and presentations for more than 1,000 pet food
industry leaders.

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