Optivite launches two new products

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Optivite launches two new products

Two new products, providing improved animal performance through control of enterobacteria and natural insect control have been launched by Optivite, a UK animal nutrition company.

Optimax aids animal performance through improving digestive capability. It has a proven higher efficacy than liquid acids and is safer and easier to use.  The product is also ideal for use via premixes or direct to feed.
“Containing high levels of carboxylic acids and salts, Optimax has a high potency against Gram negative pathogens,” said Optivite’s Technical Manager Richard Remmer.
“It is extremely cost effective and improves animal performance both through control of enterobacteria and through promoting a favourable microbial environment.”
Mite control
Red-Lite is a naturally occurring compound, active against most common external parasites such as red chicken mite and northern fowl mite. It rapidly reduces infestation and irritation as well as the transmission of bacterial disease and insect damage to feed grains.
“Composed of naturally occurring diatoms, Red-Lite is non toxic to humans and animals and approved by the EU and also for organic farming,” said Remmer. 
“It is a natural non-chemical insecticide which is ideal for use in animal housing and feed storage areas.”
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