Partnership for cattle feed experiments

04-04-2008 | |

CCL Inc., the research subsidiary of Cehave Landbouwbelang, signed a research contract with the Swedish cooperative company Lantmännen for a period of two years. The contract relates to joint cattle experiments and aims to strengthen the leading position of both companies with regard to cattle feed.

During a period of two years CCL and Lantmännen will
carry out joint experiments with dairy cattle on Lantmännen’s research farm
Viken in Sweden. The main goal is to profit from each other’s knowledge and
facilities to a maximum extent.

For both companies, cattle research and
the sale of cattle feed are important strategic areas, which should be
reinforced further. It is expected that the cooperation between experts of both
companies and the excellent research facilities will contribute to

The joint cattle experiments with Lantmännen are part of a total
cattle research programme that Cehave Landbouwbelang carries out. It concerns
high qualified scientific dairy cattle trials, which can be executed in a very
efficient way on the research farm in Sweden. Besides these joint experiments,
Cehave Landbouwbelang has an extensive cattle research programme of its own
which is executed for the greater part by CCL in the


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