Pet food maker Royal Canin hit with lawsuit

21-03-2007 | |

A Canadian class action lawsuit has been filed against pet food maker Royal Canin Canada Co. on behalf of dog and cat owners claiming that certain products contain excessive amounts of vitamin D and have caused their pets to become sick or die.

One of the lawyers handling the plaintiffs’ case said the suit against Royal
Canin has been in the works for months and is unrelated to the massive
recall by Menu Foods.

High levels vitamin D

The suit against Royal
Canin, alleges the pet food maker either knew or should have known the
levels of vitamin D were unsafe and could cause the animals to develop high
levels of calcium in their blood, renal failure and other conditions. None of
the allegations have yet to be tested in court.
The Canadian lawsuit is
seeking compensation for people who bought Royal Canin dog or cat food since
Aug. 1, 2004.

Joel Rochon, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said he wants
the company cover the cost of veterinarian services related to the health
problems, as well as the replacement cost of pets that have died, and reimburse
the price of the food. The claim outlines at least 59 Royal Canin products that
it says should be included in the refund.

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